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Tidal Centre Grevelingendam: Ontwikkelen publiek-private samenwerking – facilitator (2013 – 2015)

What is Pro Tide?
Over the past years the European Pro-Tide programme has been working in pilot schemes on testing tidal energy technologies, investigating low eco impact, finding go to market solutions and developing public private partnerships.

Pilot Netherlands: Tidal Technology Centre Grevelingendam
One of the pilot projects was exploring the feasibility of a Tidal Technology Centre in the Grevelingendam.

Participative process
For this, From 2013 through 2015, a participative process was organized, part of which was a series of work sessions, which has led to a public-private collaboration to realize the Tidal Technology Centre.

Role Frank
•   facilitator of process of the 6 work sessions during 2013 – 2015;
•   facilitator of the respective workshops.

Inhoudelijke doel en resultaat:


In 5 workshops the following aspects were discussed:

  1. Technical options and solutions
  2. Market consultation and participation
  3. Business Case
  4. Investing and financing
  5. Bundling and progress